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    Looking to purchase a Kowa Anamorphic Projector lens. I love the look of them over the Isco. Preferably the 8-Z, BH, 16-H, or Elmo II. As minty as possible please.

    I havenít seen much on EBay that isnít either well loved or have a highly inflated price. $1700 CAD seems steep. Can anyone confirm the going price??

    Iím located in Canada and would like to source from Canada to avoid Duties and Taxes... but will gladly buy elsewhere

    Thanks in advance!
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    Troy, the prices basically doubled again in the last couple of years's just what it is I'm afraid...that's due to their quality and scarcity VS demand...
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    I found a BH for around 900USD on Ebay.
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    I have an 8-z for sale!

    Complete package with Rectilux HCDNA, FMJ and 50mm EF Nikkor taking lens.
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