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    Hey Everyone,

    Side note:
    This is my first post on reduser.
    If I'm posting this in the wrong section please let me know and I'll move the thread.

    I'm wondering what rates everyone has seen for DPs/Ops going out with Alexa Mini vs Mini LF packages in LA and NYC?
    I'm not sure how people are combining their rate with rental price, while staying competitive with sharegrid/rental houses, especially for those that go out with their own package.

    I'm thinking prices primarily in the LA/NYC markets because I imagine that's where these packages see the most action.

    I'm a Director and occasional DP, and getting some info would help me out with budgeting / pricing.

    I know some people will be more flexible depending on the project they want to do (film vs commercial / short term vs long term), but any general info is helpful.
    I also know that prices vary between cameras, especially because the LF is so new - but info on either or both is helpful.

    Thank you for any help.
    Happy shooting.

    - Jon
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    Hi Jon

    Very difficult question
    ARRI ALEXA MINI ( First Version ) is about 40.000EUR what I can see now it is more popular than the LF format because of the very high cost
    ARRI Alexa MINI lF format 60.000EUR around

    Both of them I have for sale

    Maybe I was wrong because you are asking us about the hiring cost not for buying them
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    Thank you for offering some information.

    Yes, I was wondering more what DPs are charging to go out with these cameras rather than the cost to purchase them.
    I know DPs are going to charge different rates based on their experience, and they might be offering discounts on their package if they own them vs the cost to rent the package + their rate.

    I was just wondering if anyone had some general info like "I've been seeing people go out with the mini for $1200/day and the LF for $2200/day".
    Just wondering what people are seeing price wise out in the wild that are more regularly involved with projects hiring DPs with mini/LF packages.

    Thanks again for reaching out and offering your help.
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