2x Arri WMU-2 Yellow Radio
2x Arri WFU-1 (Focus + Iris)
1x Arri WZU-1 (Zoom)
1x Arri UMC-1 Yellow Radio
1x Arri UMC-3A Yellow Radio (24V booster built-in for full torque)
3x Arri CLM-2 Lens Motor
4x Arri WBU-2 Hand Unit Battery (all re-celled in February 2018)
1x Arri WAC-1 Battery Charger (UK plug)
2x Arri Lanyard strap
2x RS to RS cable for UMC-1 (for power and start/stop functionality)
1x 16pin Fischer CAM-connector to RS cable for UMC-3A (for power and start/stop functionality)
5x Marking Disk
4x Aerial antennas
1x Belt holder

I’m selling this because I upgraded to a newer system. Had this kit for over a year and works like a charm. It has some scuffs and marks from using it but nothing that will inhibit the functionality. One WMU-2 hand-unit has been modified by myself to be easily rigged onto a stand (see pictures), it can also be used to rig a monitor on the hand-unit itself.

The kit includes all of the mentioned items above, a printed manual, and a high quality case as well. If requested I can include an STL-file for 3D-printing cylindrical marking disks instead of the flat or beveled ones.

I’m asking €2500 or best offer excluding shipping.
I’m open to shipping but prefer pick-up in Belgium.

Pictures on request.