Thread: Workflow to start color grading GEMINI Footage in Davinci Resolve 16?

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  1. #1 Workflow to start color grading GEMINI Footage in Davinci Resolve 16? 
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    Hey guys i have a question what is the best workflow settings to start color grading a Gemini Footage in Davinci Resolve 16?

    Much love thanks!


    Edy Martinez
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    Go to RippleTraining and look at either their "Warp Speed" resolve tutorial:

    Or their core training:

    I used Resolve for 2+ years before I decided to "go back to school". What their training taught me was that I was using about half the functionality that was available, simply because I found (on my own, reading the manual) something that worked. But I didn't always find the best way to do things. In retrospect, all the info is in the manual, but the manual doesn't help you understand how to use the tools. It only describes the (many, many, many) tools that are there.

    Remember: the purpose of a tool is to help you make a better product more efficiently. Using a tool for the wrong purpose, or not even knowing that a tool exists kinda defeats the purpose. There is so much more than just setting White Balance and ISO. (And there's a lot that goes in to doing even that correctly.)
    Michael Tiemann, Chapel Hill NC

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    Another thing that helps is to use really powerful hardware. BMD has their Recommended Configuration guide on their support site, and if you follow those rules, you can put together a system that will run 5K/6K/8K material. But it's not cheap.
    marc wielage, csi colorist/post consultant daVinci Resolve Certified Trainer
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    being used to working in ACES, my common workflow is to set color science to ACEScct + ODT to match monitor
    bingo, that simple
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