Hi there!

We are updating our previous SmallHDs monitors. Since we already have one on camera for 1AC, we wanted to know which monitor would be fine for the director to have it on the go with handles. I've read the differences between the SmallHD Cine 7 and the Focus 7, but since it would be mostly for the directors:

- Is it worth it to pay the difference between them since we already would have the on camera monitor and the 17" more trustable for that purpose?

Also the Focus 7 has only HDMI in, but if we go always with the Teradek, shouldn't be a problem... We use mostly Alexa Mini, Red or Ursa Mini G2.

Second question:

- Between a used Sony PVMA170 Oled + Teradek or the SmallHD 17" P3X Wireless, which one would you buy for village / client? Maybe is it better to get the Sony (around $2500) and wait to see how the new Cine / Vision SmallHD come out?

Thanks for any tips!