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Still though, if there was a camera company that could give Arri a run for their money, it’s Fuji. Canon skintones are often too magenta, and Sony is too green. Fuji sits right in the middle. It’s still a little biased to magenta, but considering the XT3 costs $1500 and it can cut with an Alexa just fine, that’s saying something. Imagine what they could do if they made a $10k cinema camera with FLOG and all their built in film stocks! It would be killer!!
One thing to note, is that with a little experience in color grading, most of those color dominance's you mentioned can easily be corrected out. The problem is not there. It really is in how the overall dynamics of the image work. Where faces are concerned, I just have noticed that even if the image is shot in raw or a codec like Prores 444, it is still difficult to have nuances, dimensionality, good highlight retention, etc on some cameras. It really is a mix of art and science. For instance, I never liked Red's Dragon sensor, too often faces felt like a simple wash of color, which yes you could correct to something reasonable, but there just was no dimensionality. They often feel flat and wooden. Never felt that with the X-T3.