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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacobo Martinez View Post
    Any group buy?
    I highly doubt it. They're honestly fairly cheap, with just a $20 overhead for the aluminum shell over the typical plastic DPM-98S - and it has RED readout for the percentage. It's a good deal as is.
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    They look very similar to the Intellytech Pocket-Vs, which lack the sweet GDU styling, but otherwise are nearly identical in feature set.

    If only these had been released a few months earlier, I would have jumped on them, because I like the styling and the alumininum casing - seems worth paying a little extra for both and staying in the quasi-RED ecosystem....but I just loaded up on the Pocket-Vs.

    The Pocket-Vs can be purchased with a plate that allows you to mount 2x to one plate, for hot swaps/fewer battery swaps - I wonder if the aluminum case works against using it....
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    I would need to test the plate to see if they fit, but generally speaking these pretty close to the same size, which sort of highlights the rather standard and newer cell size all of these are based on. The GDU stuff is Dynacore from Japan cells and that's pretty clearly stated. Mostly what you are paying for is the premium of the rather more robust housing, which I think is fair as it's a machined piece of metal.

    I'm using several chargers and have another couple coming this week. I just got from about a month of travel work and I used the Bebob dual travel charger which was also designed for their smaller cells. But since I do V-Mounts in quantities of 4 usually I ordered the Dynacore Quad charger, which obviously should make sense.
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    Not to steal the attention from the batteries, but I would hate to gloss over the LongTake :) Looking like a great setup!
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    Just had the back panel of one of my Dynacores break off yesterday, so I’d say these are definitely worth the extra $20.
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    Had a fresh Dynacore fall about 3 feet (1m) onto cement, it cracked open and small parts flew around. Not repairable, straight to recycle. Not blaming Dynacore, I'm the idiot who dropped it.

    Point being, I'd happily pay an extra $20 for a stronger shell that can better handle all the handling that batteries inevitably experience. Props to GDU and I think I need to order some...

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