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    Not sure if this was posted already:
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    I managed to build mine last weekend and it most certainly screams. 8KFF at 5:1 compression plays back in realtime 28-30 fps at full resolution. I downloaded the new redcine-x beta and noticed it had better performance with CPU only but I need to run it again to make sure I wasnt just exhausted because i was testing it at 5am after getting done building it all night. I have 2x2080 ti's and I noticed that CPU only actually got better playback performance than CPU only in the Redcine-X. Havent had much time to really dig into it with other apps but i'll be installing a dual boot with linux on it soon to compare how it renders in Nuke as well. With GPU turned on I get about 20-21 fps on that same file. They're not bridged. Not sure what other people are getting with 2x 2080 ti's.

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