Hi guys,

Just wondering if any other RAVEN owners have had any unexpected faults? I've had my Raven just over 2.5 years (LOVE it). I went to turn it on for a shoot before Christmas and all I got was the fans spinning up for a second before shutting itself down - DEVASTED (obviously!)

I have taken it for repair at CVP and they have quoted me almost 3500 for the repair!! They have identifyied a couple of blown boards (DSMC2 BRAIN LEFT SIDE BOARD and DSMC2 BRAIN IOB BOARD - seperate issue, I thought the RAVEN wasn't DSMC2?). However, they don't have an explanation as to how this hapened and the insruance company won't cover the repair as they say it is down to manufacturer defect. Obviously the RAVEN is out of warrenty, I was wondering if any other RAVEN owners have had any issues and if this is a common problem or if this is a one off? It's a super expensive repair bill and seeing as the RED trade in value of the RAVEN is less than the cost of the two boards that need replacing I am trying to decide what to do!

If any RAVEN user has had any similar issues or if anyone at RED knows if this is a commone issue then that would be great to know!

Many thanks guys.