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  1. #1 Looking for a wider fisheye or an adapter for Raven 
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    I've been using the canon 8-15mm fisheye for the Raven but I'm look for something wider. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a wider quality fisheye that could be used with the Raven?

    I'm also wondering if anyone has used a metabones adapter with the Raven before? I'm thinking maybe I could use a Canon Ef mount-X adapter with X fisheye and therefore make it wider with help from the adapter?

    Any info anyone knows is great, I would love to not have to rent gear to try it out.
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    Not cheap, but 250 degrees of bad-assery here:

    The Entania website has awesome tech diagrams showing various FOV image circles vs image sensor size. They have a number of other fisheye designs if the 250 is too much for you.
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    Yep, I just used the 220 and was pleased. They are pricey, but if you need it, you need it!
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