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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Birch View Post
    This was a nice combo from a commercial I worked on as movi op last year.

    Pearlescents / low con / classic soft

    what glass was used on this. The filters def imparted their character but I am curious about lens as well. Beautifully done.
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    On "The Love Witch" (35mm film / Zeiss Super Speeds) I mostly used a combination of a black veil material I stretched on a frame plus a 1/8 Classic Soft.

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    David ...I thought the combo of the Art direction and your photograpahic aproach on 'the Love Witch' was startlingly evocative! .. It is very rare one can't date exactly the creation date of any motion content but watching TLW was a strangely timeless peverse semi proustian experience ;-)
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