Thread: Improving the camera image. The Transformation. Pt.3

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    Last checks: Done

    Gen8_2 for Red status: Ready

    Examples online:

    Mails coming soon.
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    It's good to be back and read all the updates here. Thank you for sharing those helpful information.
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    C200 Gen4_5 is done.

    Ursa Mini Gen7 is done.

    Red Gen8_2 update mails are in the process.
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    Did the new Gen8_2 get sent out yet?
    Director/DP at GetGrimm
    New York
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    Just finished.
    Check your emails, folks. : )

    Next stop: C200 and Ursa Mini updates.
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    Primers for C200 Gen4_5 are sent.

    Primers for UrsaM needed more work.
    Done. Mails coming up.

    Primers for EVA Gen4_8 - finishing up.
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    Hi Hrvoje,

    Any chance I can purchase them through credit card without PayPal? Because PayPal is unavailable for Macau !
    Sérgio Perez

    Weapon Monstro #03294 "Amochai" in Macau

    Video Director/Creative/Producer
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    Hey Sergio,

    That route is not an option due to morally retarded and additional security factors I don't intend on pampering.

    No worries, you can catch me over the web contact page and we can work something out.
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    Some lovin' for the image and image lovin' creative bretheren:

    1) Primers for FS7 & FS5mk2 have been updated.

    2) Primers for F55 have been updated.

    Mails coming soon.

    3) Primers for ZCam F6 are in the works.

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    1) F55 - New update

    2) FS7 & FS5 - New update

    3) Ursa 4.6 - New update

    4) ZCam F6 - done

    5) Pocket CC 4K - finishing up

    6) FX9 - in the works


    7) Red Gen 9

    Rock on.

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