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  1. #1 GROUP BUY - Ergorig and Undersling! 
    Hey gang, Travis here with one last big offer for 2019! This is a product that I’ve gotten a ton of inquiries about. Ergorig and Undersling!

    A great Group Buy was run on Ergorig earlier this summer by Chris McKechnie who did an awesome job as usual. But I thought there was an opportunity to run it again for three reasons.

    1. Ergorig is gaining in popularity and a lot of users who weren’t aware of it in June have now had the opportunity to see it or use it in person and adoption continues to grow rapidly.

    2. Our GB has a max discount of 25% on both Ergorig and Undersling! So we’ve unlocked the potential for a HUGE discount and I wanted to offer REDusers the opportunity to take advantage of that.

    3. And speaking of Undersling, we are now offering Undersling as an optional add-on to all Ergorig purchases here as well as an upgrade accessory to anyone who already owns an Ergorig. You don’t have to buy an Ergorig in this GB to pickup Undersling at a huge discount!

    So that said, let’s move forward with a few questions!

    Q. What is Ergorig?

    A. Well first of all, it won Best Camera Support Tech at Cinegear in 2019! So it’s a brand new way to support your camera without being tethered to the camera itself. The idea is to prevent spinal compression without affecting the ability of the operator to be flexible and reframe as quickly as they normally would while shoulder-mounting or going handheld. Ergorig allows you to transfer 100% of the weight of the camera rig to your hips which saves your spine! If anyone here has shot as much reality/docu-series as I have, you know that saving your spine is one of the biggest concerns any operator has. We want to be working next year too, not just today! Ergorig is one of the finest solutions for adding to your health that I’ve come across in 10 years of working in film/TV.

    A. I already have an Easyrig, why do I need this too?

    I too own an Easyrig Vario 5 and love it…with certain setups! But there are times when I want to be untethered or am working with a smaller camera setup and don’t want to be strapped in to a large vest with a support arm. Ergorig is a solution that ADDS TO, instead of replaces my Easyrig. In the end, camera aks is all about options. How can I give myself more options in the field? Ergorig and Undersling are a great way to add to my stable for those jobs where I want support without the size and weigh requirements of my EZ rig.

    Q: What is Undersling?

    A: Check out this great video by No Film School demoing the new Undersling attachment for Ergorig!

    Now onto the deal!

    - - -

    This group buy starts right now and runs until January 13th at midnight. There is no limit to the amount of units that can be purchased at these prices so please tell your friends so they don’t miss out. Again with this Ergorig group buy you can purchase the Ergorig itself and add Undersling OR simply add Undersling if you’ve already purchased Ergorig elsewhere. Thanks so much to our friends at Adorama and Ergorig for helping us put together this amazing deal.

    Remember, PM me with your email/phone info to get on the list. Then comment in the thread or PM me your order and we'll follow up with order info soon! PLEASE don't make me chase you down for your email info. That is how you order. Just in general, if there's a group buy on REDuser, you need to make sure the host has your contact info. This is up to you to provide or you won't get contacted when it comes time to purchase, thanks!

    Tiers are as follows.

    Ergorig $1850

    Undersling $750

    All orders come with free shipping to the lower 48. If we reach our goal early, I’ll begin sending out the coupon codes and ordering instructions so please share this deal with your friends so we can hit the top tier and everyone can order before the end of 2019 to save on some taxes!

    Right now we are looking at a 2-4 week time frame for everyone to receive their Ergorig and Undersling. That is 2-4 weeks from the day you order. There’s a chance you’ll get your unit even sooner as well if you are part of the first wave of orders.*If you’ve followed any of my previous group buys, you’ll know that customer service and satisfaction is VERY important to me and that I will personally fix any issues you have along the way!

    As always, orders ship in the order of payment received. Thanks in advance for your participation and sharing the buy!

    FAQ Section

    Q. How do I order or get my name on the list?
    A. Comment in the thread what you want AND PM me your email/phone info. Or just PM me all the details. Please don't make me chase you down for your email and phone info. That's how we get into contact with you to place your order, thanks!

    Q. Who is processing this order? How much is shipping?
    A. Adorama is fulfilling this order and shipping is free to the lower 48!

    - -

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    1. Domenic Barbero | 1X Undersling
    2. Justin Alpern | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    3. Eric Richardson | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    4. Nick Cerula | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    5. Brandon Le | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    6. Steve Smith | 1X Undersling
    7. Benjamin Dell | 1X Undersling
    8. Mark K | 1X Ergorig
    9. Peter Nicoll | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    10. Kevin Pham | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    11. Myles Beeson | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    12. Imad Rhayem | 1X Ergorig
    13. Jason Johnson | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    14. Dave Lam | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    15. Alex Van Brande | 1X Ergorig | 1X Undersling
    16. Casey Wertz | 1X Undersling
    17. Sean McAllister | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    18. Clair Popkin | 1X Undersling
    19. Nathan Thompson | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    20. Kyle Chappell | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    21. Nate Horowitz | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    22. John Brankin | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    23. Aser Santos Jr | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    24. Nikhil Kamkolkar | 1X Undersling
    25. JJ Bukowski | 1X Ergorig
    26. JJ Bukowski | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    27. Juan Camilo Barriga | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    28. Keyan Safyari | 1X Undersling
    29. Dan Graetz | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    30. Krystian K | 1X Ergorig
    31. James Latimer | 1X Undersling
    32. Matthew Doris | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    33. Leland Krane | 1X Undersling
    34. David Quateman | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    35. Nate Horowitz | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    36. Joe Gunawan | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    37. Blaise Villars | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    38. JR Campbell | 1X Undersling
    39. Miika Soini | 1X Ergorig
    40. Jonathan Wang | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    41. Brennan Robideaux | 1X Ergorig
    42. Takeshi Fukushima | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    43. Sam Painter | 1X Ergorig
    44. Joshua Ausley | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    45. Art Parnitudom | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    46. Michael Grugal | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    47. Brad Olander | 1X Ergorig
    48. Jesse Dana | 1X Ergorig | 1X Undersling
    49. Nicholas Moo | 1X Ergorig
    50. Pete Moses | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    51. Jed Klemow | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    52. Tom Turley | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    53. Stephen Pruitt | 1X Ergorig
    54. Jordan Gzesh | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    55. Jonathan Gentry | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    56. Christopher Bell | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    57. Donald Gregory | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    58. Peter Barta | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    59. Nicholas Galante | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    60. Martin Friedrich | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    61. Brandon Ivey | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    62. Alexandre Bartholo | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    63. Alexandre Bartholo | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    64. Gabriel Davis | 1X Undersling
    65. Randall Brown | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    66. Justin Brown | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    67. Jack Allred | 1X Ergorig
    68. Adrian Roup | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    69. Andrew Redd | 1X Undersling
    70. Clay Hereth | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    71. Mike Klaric | 1X Ergorig
    72. Gabriel Davis | 1X Undersling
    73. Pat Shahabian | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    74. Max Segal | 1X Ergorig
    75. Julia Liu | 1X Ergorig
    76. David Carstens | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    77. Derek Fullagar | 1X Ergorig
    78. Jonny Stuckmayer | 1X Ergorig
    79. Cornelius O'Donoghue | 1X Ergorig
    80. Andrew Brinkhaus | 1X Ergorig
    81. Chapin Hall | 1X Ergorig
    82. Hayden Greiwe | 1X Ergorig
    83. Matt Bass | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    84. Damien Pawle | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    85. Eric San Pablo | 1X Undersling
    86. Evan Jake Cohen | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    87. Evan Zissimopulos | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    88. Mitch Mommaerts | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    89. Shaeden Gallegos | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    90. Yuki Noguchi | 1X Ergorig
    91. Gareth Ward | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    92. Eric Wu | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    93. Dennis Dillon | 1X Undersling
    94. Geoff George | 1X Undersling
    95. Ollie Richards | 1X Undersling
    96. Clay Mason | 1X Ergorig
    97. James Ball | 1X Undersling
    98. Zack CC | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    99. Ian Cresswell | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    100. Ben Sturgulewski | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    101. Jerry Hattan | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    102. Nick Kovalenko | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
    103. Brett Sims | 1X Ergorig + 1X Undersling
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    Join my facebook group for other group buys and special pricing on video kit.
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    Senior Member Patrick Tresch's Avatar
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    Can we see a walking shot made with this rig?
    I'm not a big fan of putting the weight on the hips as they will change the camera ballance on every step. I would like to see how it works out.
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    Add me to the masterlist for the ergorig and underslung.

    FYI - My name is spelled wrong on the forum. It is Nick Czerula, Thanks
    Last edited by Nick Czeruls; 12-21-2019 at 06:04 PM. Reason: Name note
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    1X Undersling for me
    -Steve Smith
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    1x undersling
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    Senior Member Mark K.'s Avatar
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    1x Ergorig for me.

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    Ergorig and under sling please
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    Senior Member Patrick Tresch's Avatar
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    Switzerland, Lausanne
    No walking shots?

    This (or easy rig) isn't made for shoulder camera work
    It takes the load of the camera to your hips. It's made for "hips camera work".
    If you want to make shoulder work you have to change your camera rig so it does works.
    They are some monsters out there that serves as camera but aren't made for shoulder work.
    I find it interesting for higher camera level shooting though (like for basket ball player). But you turn yourself in a higher human tripod.
    You won't have any shoulder problem with this... but if you don't get that load off your body you will have problems with other parts of your body like knees...
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