Thread: Davinci Resolve: how to reframe 8k videos into 4k?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    So you guys are saying its not the same algoritms used when cropping and using inspector in resolve?

    They have the SDK for Red , However, its more logical than not that their Scaling Algorithms are of their own design and have nothing to do with the ones available inside of Redcine-X. They only really offer 4: 1)Smoother 2) Bicubic 3)Bilinear and 4) Sharper. Redcine-X has 12

    The quality of these "Resize Filters" could be from "Not as good as", 'As good as" or "Better than" the Scaling Algorithms inside of Redcine-X. However, I still like the ability to "Lock" the crops to specific aspect ratios and to export those crops out as ProRes Files for later use in Resolve or another NLE. In resolve the crops will be conformed depending on what "Input" and "Output" Scaling you select.

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