RED Helium 8K Carbon Fiber Stealth camera body - 199 hrs. (60 FPS 8K)
RED 7” Carbon Fiber Red-Touch monitor
Wooden camera top plate with pass through (note: this its the good version, NOT the problematic one)
RED CF Side Kick
RED Base Expander *
RED V Mount Battery adapter
RED Volt XL battery module
Titanium PL mount
Titanium Canon EF mount
RED platform kit with carbon fiber 19mm rods
2 x Red Brick batteries with Red Charger
RED Lemo adapter A and 21” monitor cable
2 X 512 GB RED Mini Mags
RED Mini Mag card reader USB 3.0
3 X OLPFs (skin tone daylight, standard, low light)
Wooden Camera 7” monitor sun shade
RED run/stop top handle
RED Pelican case

Everything is in perfect working order. *base expander has only two mounting points for modules, a small repair can add two more but modules fit very tight and it has never been a problem. PM me for photos if interested. Listed on Ebay at a higher price.


Price lowered, $20,850 OBO

The next step is parting it out on Ebay, but I'd rather not.

Photos Here: