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    Since updating to CC2020 v14, the program is crashing (with the Sorry, a serious error has occurred and Premiere needs to shut down...dialog box) when I save changes made in the raw adjustment panel (clicking Save to RMD, followed by OK; as I have since raw adjustments have become native to Premiere). I've worked with various RED cameras and workstations since 2012 and this issue is new to the CC2020 v14 update. I've done several Bomgar sessions with Abobe Tech Support, each time clean-installing Premiere and wiping all prefs including workspace and keyboard presets to no avail.

    Sidenote: This behavior seems to be relegated to EPIC DRAGON footage that I'm using IPP2 on, as I haven't noticed any GEMINI footage causing the crashes. I'm not 100% on this, however, as the crashes happen without warning and without consistency except for a series of dialog button inputs.

    I'm working on an iMac Pro in OS 10.14.6

    Has anyone else seen this issue?
    Is there a way of reinstalling or updating the RED plugin within Premiere?

    Unfortunately, I can't move over to another NLE or coloring solution at the moment and I can't revert to a previous version of CC as a temporary fix.

    Any substantive input would be huge.
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