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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankMcPartland View Post

    "The Pro Display XDR:

    As far as the*display*– unless you want to buy a $40K+ reference monitor – this is an amazing bang for you buck.*"


    "Lastly, while this is definitely an*expensive machine, it’s well in line with past models. A friend reminded my that in the 90s you’d have to buy a $60K SGI machine with $20K of software to be on the cutting edge. The first and second gen Mac Pros were at relatively similar price points. "

    Suggesting people to shell out $16k - $22k to manage their $30k camera footage then using nonsensical rhetoric to cover it. Also, cutting edge SGI workstations were much more than $60K and had no place in someone's home studio or in small indie production without high budgets justifying the investment.

    Interestingly, no word on pricing comparison to last generation Mac Pro towers and also zero word on ROI of $20K computer on an oversaturated market with slammed production budgets.

    Btw $90k Alexa LF uncompressed raw doesn't need a $22K nor a $16k computer for fluid post. Not even close.

    As far as "filmmaking machine" glorification goes...$1k laptop which can edit Prores and Avid proxies is sufficient to get that title.
    Features are edited with proxies.

    8K with NR as a key factor for an ISO800 professional camera ? Talking about image quality ("8K or bust") through propagating underexposure ? Priceless.

    Looks like a filmmaking and workflow expert.
    Analog > Apollo wooden handgrip
    Digital > Primers - professional image transformation tools


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    volamos por el universo incentivados por la esperanza"

    "L'esperanza", Sven Väth
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    Any suggestions on choosing between LG 5K 27" vs LG 4K 32" -- both Thunderbolt?
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