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    Intellytech Light Cannon F-165 5500K High-Output LED Fresnel with DMX

    I have a TOTAL of 3 Lights... Selling $499.00 each + $25 Shipping in USA ONLY

    Item is NEW (OPEN BOX).. bought the lights for a shoot but never got the chance to use them. So i have no need for them now and I am selling them as new open box... I only plugged them once in my house to make sure they work perfectly! If you have any questions, please ask.
    Intellytech F-165 Overview

    The Light Cannon F-165 5500K High-Output LED Fresnel from Intellytech has a 5" lens that provides wide coverage with a variable beam angle from 15 - 50. The F-165 has all of the benefits of an LED light source. It's very cool running yet manages to output the equivalent of a 1650 W quartz Fresnel while consuming just 1/10 of its power. That kind of post-purchase savings makes for a fast return on investment. What little heat that's generated is easily dissipated by the onboard fan which can be turned off when dead quiet operation is necessary. Light intensity is controllable from 0-100% without color shift from the light's rear panel, or you can control it remotely via its onboard DMX and monitor your settings on the F-165's digital display. The F-165 runs on 110-240 VAC current for worldwide use.

    High Output and CRI
    Whether shooting in spot or flood mode, the F-165 provides the user with a high output of 165 Watts. The Light Cannon Series is capable of covering large areas. The lights are ideal for matching daylight shooting while its high CRI of 95-99 renders colors vibrantly and faithfully. Those who are shooting slow motion will appreciate flicker free performance up to 3,000 fps.
    Hybrid Cooling
    The Light Cannon Series has a fan that can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch. When on, the unit has 100% power and the fan is whisper quiet. When the fan is turned off, the unit is completely silent and the output is reduced by 50%. The LED life is up to 50,000+ hours of use - equivalent to 15 years of daily use, 10 hours a day.
    Strong and Lightweight Metal Frame
    The metal body housing is made using strong, lightweight, and attractive aluminum for years of use in a professional environment. The high-strength tilt lock provides extremely secure locking, eliminating movement and slippage, ensuring that the fixtures will stay where you put them.
    DMX Control
    The Intellytech LED Light Cannon Fresnel is equipped with a built-in DMX 512 controller, allowing for brightness to be controlled remotely from a console, making it ideal for TV studio installations, theaters, stages, or conference rooms.
    Digital Display
    The Light Cannon F-165 with DMX features an LCD touchscreen that provides the user with a high degree of control and information.
    Benefits in Short
    LED Power: 165 W
    Adjustable beam angle: 15 - 50
    Dimming 100% to 0% with no color shift
    High CRI of 95-99: Colors are rendered with high accuracy
    5" lens
    Flicker-free at high-speed shooting rates
    High-efficiency thermal design
    Choose to have fan on or off
    50,000+ hour rated LED life
    Built-in DMX control
    LCD screen shows dimming level
    Mechanical spot-flood mechanism
    Wide array of accessories available
    Yoke bar rotatable
    Sturdy aluminum housing for many years of use
    Worldwide 110-240 VAC compatible
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