Currently have a RED Gemini, looking to invest in the

SmallHD Cine 7 TX with Focus 7 Bolt RX Wireless Transmitter and receiver

has anyone had issues with this combo? I've heard mixed things about the Cine 7 with the RED interface it works, it doesn't work, not sure but i'm looking to replace my RED 5' Monitor and SmallHD older monitors into just one make it easier on the weight and easier for mobility

Anyone have experience good or bad? let me know

Also random tid bit I updated to 7.2.4 latest firmware and my SDI Port worked the entire 7 hour shoot, the last 1 hour the SDI out stopped working on the monitors, couldn't troubleshoot anymore so we switched to HDMI Which worked fine. I wish the interface would understand the connection without having to manual change the monitor settings in the RED