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    Happy New Year! This Group Buy Has Closed. Thanks to all that made this a successful Group Buy!
    (ordering instructions as the end of this post)

    Attention RED Users!
    What's up everyone, Chris here. We’ve got another great Group Buy on our hands, just in time for the Holidays!
    I’ve been able to work out an amazing deal on the Core SWX EVO Battery Back up system!

    The EVO is designed to mount between the camera and battery - providing continuous backup power to the camera and accessories during a battery change. The EVO also acts as a power buffer when the onboard battery cannot handle the high current inrush on camera startups. AUX output modules are available for 12V and 24V making this unit not only a battery backup but also a power distribution module. HUGE PLUS!

    I’ve been using this system for the last year on my DSMC2 system and it has been a MASSIVE lifesaver on so many shoots. I've been on shoots where we didn't have time to shut the camera down when switching batteries and the EVO has saved us by allowing us to hot swap in those moments. It's one of those things that I can't imagine shooting without now.

    Not only does the EVO give me peace of mind during critical shots, it also allows me to power all accessories with the optional DC out modules. I power my Teradek, Small HD and FIZ all off the EVO so power is maintained even during battery swaps. This is vital in keeping my creative flow going as we can keep capturing without any interruptions!

    Here are the general specs on the EVO units offered on this Group Buy:

    EVO-V & EVO-G

    Capacity: 29wh
    Size: 4.57″ x 3.71″ x 1.9″
    Weight: 1.4 lbs.
    Power Input: 11-17vdc via battery plate
    Output: DC 11-17v, Unregulated
    Battery Backup Output: DC 11-17v, 15A capable
    2x P-Tap Outputs: DC 11-17v, Unregulated
    *Optional AUX Modules Available
    Travel Safe

    Alright, On To The Deal!

    What models are part of the Group Buy?
    EVO-V V-Mount Battery Backup MSRP - $775
    EVO-G Gold Mount Battery Backup MSRP - $775

    ** Just Added! **

    EVO orders can now be modified to a DSMC2 mount. Please note, this modification does not include the MOD 24

    Group Buy Discount Tiers
    Tier 1 - 5 EVOs ordered = 30% discount $542
    Tier 2 - 10 EVOs ordered = 40% discount $465
    Tier 3 - 20 EVOs ordered = OVER 50% discount!!! $350!! Crazy Deal!! T3 Unlocked!

    DSMC2 Modification Additional $500 for a total of $850. Modification includes DSMC2 mount upgrade only. MOD 24 is sold separately.

    EVO can be ordered with these codes (order instructions are at the end of this post):
    V-Mount = EV
    Gold Mount = EG
    DSMC2 to V-Mount = EV-DSMC2
    DSMC2 to Gold Mount = EG-DSMC2

    *Only EVO-V and EVO-G orders will count toward the Group Buy total*

    We Have Add-on Items Too!

    Anyone with an order listed below
    qualifies to add-on ANY other items they wish from
    at a max discount of 20%, including EVO Modules!

    The entire CoreSWX Catalogue can be viewed here!

    Payment, Shipping & Sales tax
    - A paypal invoice will be sent out at the conclusion of the
    GB to accept payments via PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD
    - You will have 2 weeks from the Group Buy close date to pay for your order
    - Paypal and Credit Cards will be accepted
    - $15 Flat Rate Shipping on entire order within the Continental 48 (excluding Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico)
    - International shipping rates will be calculated at the time of payment
    - Sales Tax will be collected for NY and CA orders
    - EVOs are In Stock and will ship once payment is received at the end of the Group Buy!

    Warranty Info
    CoreSWX backs their products with one of the best warranties in the industry
    -EVO come with a 2 year Warranty
    -All Chargers come with a 3 year Warranty
    CoreSWX products are Designed and Assembled in the USA with Cells from Panasonic

    How do I join the Group Buy?

    Please make a post below stating how many EVOs you want
    using the specific code for your EVO of choice
    Example: 2x EV = 2x EVO V-Mount
    Example:3x EG =3x EVO Gold Mount

    Group Buy Ends December 20th at Midnight PST
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    1. Bob Gundu: 1x EG
    2. Kyle Kelley: 1x EV, 1x Sony PXW-FX9 V-mt Plate & 1x EVO-MOD12
    3. James Sielaff : 1x EG
    4. Yogesh Khubchandani: 1x EG
    5. Willis Chung: 1x EG
    6. Anton Esteban : 1x EV
    7. Benjamin Dell: 2x EVO-G, 1x FLEET-Q4UA, 1x EVO-MOD12, and 1x EVO-MOD24
    8. Grzegorz Gill: 1x EV
    9. David Kiang: 1x EV and EVO-MOD24
    10. Steve Cachero : 1x EV
    11. Greg M: 1x EV and (1) EVO-MOD24
    12. Chris Kennedy: 1x EG
    13. Thi Lam: 1X EG and (1) EVO-MOD24
    14. Scott Selman: 1x EV
    15. Cameron Currier: 1x EV and 1x EVO-MOD24
    16. Roberto Carmona: 1x EV
    17. Eric Oh: 1x EG-DSMC2 and 1x MOD12L
    18. Joshua O. Miller: 1x EV
    19. Travis Edwards: 1x EV
    20. Chris Willmore: 1x EV
    21. RobMNeilson: 1x EG-DSMC2
    22. Patrick Tresch: 1x EV-DSMC2 + 1x EVO-MOD12
    23. Ryan Hamelin: 1x EG-DSMC2 + 1x EVO-MOD12
    24. Alex Monto: 1x EVO-G
    25. Kevin Holloway 1 x EV + MOD12L & 1 x FLEET Q4US
    26. David Cartaret 1 x EV
    27. John Dempsey 1 x EG
    28. Anthony Cava 1 x EV
    29. Ian Cresswell 1 x EG
    30. Zhiliang Cai 2 x EV
    31. Thomas Gavin Murray 1 x EG
    32. Toby Wilson 1 x EV. MOD12L
    33. Kyle Rogers 1 x EV
    34. Alex Bros 1 x EG, MOD24
    35. Wes Kane 1 x EG, DSMC2
    36. Ian Oggenfuss 1 x EV
    37. Cory Green 1 x EV
    38. Nicolas Wise 1 x EG, DSMC2, MOD24, GP-TA-SFF
    39. Justin Alpern 2 x EG, 2 x MOD12
    40. Matt Bass 2 x EV
    41. Ivan Verlaan 1 x EV, MOD24L
    42. Aser Santos Jr. 1 x EG, HLX-BAB-G, Fleet Q4A
    43. Zachary K 1 x EV, MOD12L
    44. Parker Siglin 1 x EV
    45. Gabriel Llantino 1 x EV
    46. Ralf Flores 1 x EV
    47. Jens Jakonb Thorsen 1 x EV
    48. Morgan Ryan 1 x EV
    49. Tommaso Alvisi 1 x EV, MOD12L
    50. Kevin Marshall 1 x EV
    51. Ben Richardson 1 x EG, DSMC2
    52. Magic Hoskins 1 x EG, MOD24, Fleet Q4A, Cube200, XLR-MF6, CXA-FX9, CXS-FX9
    Last edited by Chris Ray; 01-02-2020 at 09:14 AM.
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    Your pictures look like they are down
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    Just fixed - Thanks
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    Still have broken links. But also I'll grab an EVO-G


    VFX, Cinematographer, Photographer
    10 frame handles
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    1x EV, please. Thanks!
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    1x EG

    Maybe we can get to tier 3 for 50% off
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    1x EG please
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    Just wondering if it is possible to include the dsmc2 models of eco included in this group buy?
    Link for dsmc2 gold evo
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    I already have two of the V-mount battery backup EVO systems that are in this group buy and really like them. There are some accessory MOD attachments which might be of interest, including lemo 2 pin and external 12v power options that might be of interest to some. I have found them to be very reliable on DSCMC2 cameras making battery changes while shooting seamless.
    DSMC2 Helium 1402
    DSMC2 Helium 6423
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