As stated. I have a perfect condition set of Zeiss Otus lenses. I shouldn't have to school anyone on how good these are.

They are Cine-Moded as per the Duclos website by CVP's expert lens technicians in the UK. The only thing they don't have is the geared aperture.
Supplied in a Peli case 1500 where they have lived for all of their lives.

Uniform front diameter 95mm. Geared focus ring, manual aperture dampened. Suitable for all your large format needs and particularly pleasant on other sensors as well. - Pictures

Up for 9499 inc VAT so if you're in Europe (as of right now then you'll save 20%) 7915 ex VAT if you're lucky enough to qualify for VAT exemption by being in Europe or you're VAT registered.

I could be persuaded by something interesting. Main reason for sale is that they just don't suit my personal style and I when I get calls for sharp and technical I can just rent. Friend has a set locally as well if I need them. Open to sensible offers but this is 2000+ saving already.