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    I've just recieved a new upgrade and trade-in offer from RED in my mailbox. I'm currently owning the Weapon MG 6k with the Dragon sensor.

    All my accessories, Sidekick Latitude RTmotion, Kippertie Revolva filters, OLPF, are shaped for the MG and above all I love my 6k Dragon sensor.

    I was wondering :

    1) if the program is the last chance only for DSMC1, or also for the (DSMC2) Weapon MG line wich is also getting old?

    2) if I could keep the 6k Dragon sensor in the unified body? (instead of Gemini) And use those valuable accessories.

    I would move to unified body (Ranger is to big for my needs).

    Thanks for any infos.

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    Being that Weapon is DSMC2, all of those accessories are useable on DSMC2 Unified.

    Closest you can get to Dragon 6k is Dragon-X, which is the same 5k/APSC/S35 crop and hence will feel like a step backwards from Weapon 6k in every department except internal IPP2 being finalized and expanded LUT support (and maybe proxy resolution/framerates being better on DX). At least Gemini is basically same sensor size and has dual ISO... alas, it's only 5k, but realistically even 6k can only be used for a 4k delivery, so their both kinda capped at the same thing. OH, and Gemini 5k = 5k FPS/compression ratio, but at an ~APS-H/1.3x crop sensor size.

    Only RED knows about time limits.
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    I would assume a lot of these trade ins are going away at the end of year...
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    Might we be able to trade in DSMC for Komodo?
    Pretty please?
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