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    Hello, does anyone have first hand experience with the DS1 ? Does it compete in regard to output against the new lights like apertures ?
    I'm attracted to the small size, comes ready to shoot off batteries and really nice build . Would anyone still buy them today?
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    I have a couple and i use them all the time. The output would be different to the apertures which i imagine kick out more white light. These i believe are up to 140w but in certain colour combinations. I think they now call them 100w on the site. The naked beam is very tight and the diffusers break it up. You can get odd shadows at times without diffusion. What i like is that they're pretty robust and run off vlocks. It's nice to have a beam rather than panel at times - better throw onto distant things.

    But clearly the difference is colour.

    I would get more of these but IMHO they're too expensive for what they are. If they do some serious reworking of the pricing i probably would.

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    I own 4 of the DS1's and use them ALL THE TIME. Great travel lights due to their size, low mass and battery powered capabilities. You can also place them in really tight places where other lights just couldn't fit.... Great lights.
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