Rented out my Gemini this week for a shoot and the steadicam op reported a few issues I haven't dealt with before. Any thoughts on what may have caused these problems?

"To begin the day, the RED Gemini 5K camera was acting strangely. The LCD display screen repeatedly changed from it’s typical color-scheme layout to an entirely purple-tint over the image. In addition, when the camera was turned upside-down while attached to the Steadicam in low-mode, the camera’s power would shut off by itself.

Upon rigging my Bartech Wireless Focus System, the power running to the focus motors from the camera was surging and causing the motors to act erratically. They would skip, lag, and adjust in speed involuntarily. We were able to reroute the power source to my personal batteries operating off of my Steadicam sled, but that was not a permanent solution because that power source was necessary for all of the other accessories in use on the camera.

The Teradek Wireless Transmitter was sourcing power from the camera as well. It worked perfectly for the first half of the day. After hours of usage, shortly after lunch, the image transmission cut out. We discovered that the Teradek’s transmitter unit had overheated and fried the circuit board inside. This is typically caused by a faulty power source that overwhelms the unit in voltage."

I assume the "purple-tint" was just accidentally engaging the exposure mode, but the rest of the problems are a bit more concerning. Thoughts?