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    We shot this very important promo on a Helium. It will change your life.

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    Nice camera work!

    Nit pickin here, but perhaps it could have started little slower in the very first shot. Beeing so close up when he is walking and talking is a bitt jarring for a few seconds.

    I had liked to cut out the inserts of the goat and the man/woman in cape. It kills some of the good vibe you built up with the nice camera work and it doesn't add.

    Confusing clip indeed =)
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    I think this spot was very well done. It's the kid of ad that doesn't make you want to skip (like the Squarespace engaged couple, or the guy from William Painter). Joel's comments were fair, too.

    I had an idea for a similar product a few years ago, but in a different direction. Someone I knew was getting married and I sent them a box chock full of cool shit - stuff you can't buy in stores. I have to say I was very happy with the result. It was solid, heavy, and somewhat classy. Perhaps this could be a side business? I wish I could say that my gift was met with much wonder, but their reaction was... underwhelming. I've had more enthusiasm from Christmas cards I've sent to Internet friends. Well, I tried. ;-)
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