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    I'm shooting a interview session with the dragon as the main cam and 2 URSA as the 2nd and 3rd cam. The dragon will shoot the wide view and the URSA's will be tight on the talent. Any recommendations on setting to get these to have comparable output for the grading? Shooting raw on all cams.
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    If you're using resove to edit and color i'd look into shooting on your normal raw settings and then using The ACES conversions built into resolve, that i believe converts any camera you're using to the standard aces color space. then grade from there. for monitoring thats sorta up to you, for ease i'd just set the output for them, to rec709 or if you have a Lut that you want to use designed for each camera type you could try that. you can find a bunch of info on ACES here and hope that helps
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    As Devindra suggested, try getting to a common base. If ACES is too complicated I've had workable success using Resolve's "Colour Space/Gamma Transform" to get them all to the same "base" (workable does not mean perfect). From there you'll have to tweak by eye to get them to match. I tend to use the objectively weakest camera as the control image, as it's easier to match going downhill. (e.g. if you have an Ursa Mini 4k, with only 12 stops, it's easier/possible to get Dragon and BUMP4.6k to match the UM4k than getting the UM4k to match either of the others.)

    Worst case scenario, just make 'em B&W... :D
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