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    I need your help professional DoP's!

    Can you please tell me what could cause that interference on the dashboard? I have guesses bu tit would be nice to be certain (well as much as possible) as it's difficult to get this car back for reshoot.

    I can tell the shutter angle: 180, Fstop:4 ISO:1600
    Camer URSA Mini G2
    No ND filter
    No polarising filter

    Other DoPs are managed to do without so I need to know what went wrong

    Thank you for your time!

    Let me know if you need any more info!
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    This appears to be what is known as Color Aliasing or Moire and occurs with cameras that have a weak or don't have a Optical Low Pass Filter/Anti-Aliasing Filter.

    What ever the detail and/or pattern is on that dashboard, the higher frequency detail is causing the artifact.

    Most BMD owners using the cameras for professional work purchase 3rd party filters from companies like:

    I would not allow a BMD camera without one of these filters on any job as the post production fixes for this are time consuming and expensive.

    If for whatever reason you do have a filter in there or not, there's also a slight chance of it being a linear polarized versus another polarized surface, but this looks like Color Aliasing to me.
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    Phil, that was very useful information! Thank you for your help!
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