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    Quote Originally Posted by rand thompson View Post
    I wouldn't ever use a Film emulation Lut anyway. If I wanted a Kodak 2383 film look I would just shot with Kodak 2383 film stock.
    Just a note - Kodak Vision 2383 is a print stock, not a camera negative stock. Those print emulation LUTs were designed for previewing what the scanned files would look like when recorded back to film. I think using this LUT makes sense if you are trying to emulate the look of a projected film print, but maybe not so much if you are trying to get the look of scanned film negative, which is what most ‘film emulation’ LUTs are going for.
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    Thanks for the Clarification! I never used or processed any film whatsoever.
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    Jason Bowdach has an interesting article on film emulation over on this month:
    marc wielage, csi colorist/post consultant daVinci Resolve Certified Trainer
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