i'm wondering, maybe someone will be interested in renting some vintage Lomo sets for long terms. I own sets like:

Lomo Anamorphic SF three lens set
Lomo Anamorphic RF three lens set
Lomo Super Speed five lens set
Lomo Standard Speed six lens set
Lomo Standard Speed eight lens set

All sets are my personal sets, never rented, collected for Years, serviced recently. All are in PL mount, with ff gears, etc., ready to shoot. I just do not use them anymore, as i work on modern lenses these days. It's a pity to sell them, it's a pity they are not working on projects. I was thinking to rent them to someone for long term. I can allow You to rent them for days or hours to make money or use them in Your own projects, but You need to fully insure them and take care of them. I'm not sure how it works, but i'm open to any serious offers. Thanks !