I'm contemplating in going to film into a conflict war zone in the Middle East, and I need some help to sort out some stuff.

In my experience with RED Built in Microphone its not functional more than scratch audio.

Im planning in taking an external recorder but I need one that is really small, can fit in a backpack, battery mode, does have Timecode and is there anything I can always have it sync with the RED when I record?

I was thinking something like this:

Zoom F6

Zoom H6

Recommendations on how to Timecode sync wireless or start / stop record when the camera triggers?

Any recommendations on microphone also appreciated. I have a Rhode NTG3 but might be a bit too much.

Recommendations for filming in a crazy environment like this. I have signature primes for the monstro and I do want to film this with the highest quality possible, but I'm open to small zoom lenses if you recommend anything.