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    With IPP2 being the new standard, I have had some challenges setting up Davinci in the preferences before I begin my grade. I'm filming with an epic w and capturing r3d and prores at the same time. My prores in Adobe Premiere match the r3d in RedCine-X. They match identically. They also match what I saw in my monitor while filming.

    However, when I bring the r3d into Davinci the color doesn't match at all. Then I struggle with it, while trying to grade. Before IPP2, everything matched, and I used Davinci to tweak the raw and then output a 4k final file. I have tried several approaches to get the start point in Davinci to be the same as what I can see in redline-x with the raw, and or the prores in adobe.

    1. In Project Settings in DVR

    Color Science: ipp2
    color space: redwidegamutrgb
    curve: log3g10

    Then the first node gets a LUT from red to help transform it from log3g10 to rec 709

    2. In Project Settings in DVR

    Color Science: ipp2
    color space: rec 709
    curve: bt 1886

    3. In color space and transforms

    color science: Davinci yrgb color managed
    timeline color space: redwidegamutrgb/log3g10
    timeline to output gamut mapping: red ipp2 gamut mapping

    These are my three start points. However, none seem to give me the same start point results for color that redcine-x with the raw and or adobe with the prores. My monitor also matches redcine and adobe.

    How can I get Davinci to start out the same as the other three?

    Chris, using the clips you sent me (thanks!), I see identical results with DVR Method #2 and RCX-Pro. You must have some other settings set funny in DVR to get different results. Method #1 should also produce identical results, as long as you use the correct LUT.
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