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Try putting the noise reduction nodes on adjustment clips, on a separate video track and then just disable the whole track while editing and watching playback. Then enable the track right before exporting.
The flaw with this approach (or a Timeline NR grade) is you risk NR smear from one cut to the next, particularly in very high contrast/extreme noise situations, like a bare lightbulb in a black room or car headlights at night. You really need to have the NR node in the actual node window on a clip-by-clip basis.

What can work is to render out the project, then split all the clips and bring it into a new project and then noise reduce that. We've done that in cases where we're on a tight schedule and just need to work quickly. The key is that the clips are cut apart on a scene-by-scene basis, which tells the NR to change when the transition occurs.

I do think it's important to grade with the NR in place just so I can see how it's affecting the blacks, and that can be a factor on occasion.