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    Selling an Iscorama Pre 36 ready to shoot kit in good condition.

    Kit includes the following:
    - Pre-36 Iscorama 1.5x anamorphic adapter (single coated)
    - Iscorama Nikon F mount taking lens
    - Nikon F to EF adaptor
    - (2) Redstan anamorphic to mounting lens adaptor
    - Kenko no. 005 close up filter (diopter)
    - Diopter set of +1, +2, and +4 filters.

    Have had this kit for a bit now but am finding my work is pushing me away from anamorphic as of late. My loss is your gain.
    The kit took a while to build and I am sure some of these items can't be found anymore or are difficult to come by (does Redstan still make mounts?). It's also a pre36 iscorama lens which means it is single coated and therefore more funky.

    photos of items for sale:

    Here's an example of something I shot with it:

    As you can see in the photos the glass is in good condition. Please note front element has a stain that has been there since purchase but has never been an issue in any video or photos.

    Looking for SOLD net to me or best offer. Please dm if you have any questions.
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    Price dropped - $4,000 OBO (bump)
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    Now on ebay:

    Can do private sell before bid begins.
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