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    Hey guys bought one of the new DSMC 2 Heliums but its taking forever to ship so instead I am buying a gently used CF Weapon with the 8k Helium sensor. From what I can tell they are identically spec'd cameras, the cf weapon being top of the range 50k in 2016/17? But just though I'd as you guys to confirm. Is there any downside going with the older CF Weapon. I've used the camera a few times before (its a friend of mine who own's a rental house's personal camera) and it's always been great and the cf is a pound less and looks dope as well lol. Thoughts?
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    No down side. Same exact camera. RED just changed their pricing and made all Weapon / DSMC2 cameras unified across the line. The 8K Helium, Dragon VV and Monstro VV are the same guts and were a step ahead of the curve. By doing this, they can utilize the same insides on all their cameras and configure the sensor as needed by the customer. Also gives users the option to swap between sensors. Wish we could do that as an in-house swap rather than sending to a certified RED facility, but we'll get there someday I thin. The older CF model has the cool carbon fiber body panels that are no longer available and not only does it look better, it will save you that weight. :)

    If you want to spend a bit more than Helium, I have a gently used CF Monstro for sale or long term rental. Sorry for the shameless plug, but it's a secondary kit that I can't seem to keep busy. It's killing me that it's just sitting here, big investment to just be sitting idle.
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