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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreasOberg View Post
    Brendan, I think you are quite spot on. I do miss buttons. Especially when using DSLR lenses I want to be able to quickly switch aperture and this was very easy with the old side handle. Now I have to press the display which is often hard to reach because of the sun hood. I guess I could use the sidekick buttons, but they are nto really possible to reach if you would hold in the handle. In fact they are quite tricky to use from the back since you do not see them at all. Of course for long lenses we use CN20x50 so no need for aperture control but for wide angle shots we still use DSLR glass.

    How much wider is it compared to the Outtrigger Handle? Extra space is of course never good for packing.

    I can't speak from personal experience with the outrigger, but there's JUUUUUST barely enough room between the body and the side handle to fit the slightly larger mini-mag reader if that gives you a sense Honestly I don't think it protrudes a ton more, talking mm's not inches I'd say. Sounds like the perfect fit. Maybe someone nearby you has one or there's a dealer you can work with to test one out. Even a rental house and just swing through with your body. From what you've written it almost sounds like the handle was designed with your type of shooting in mind.
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    Sidehandle is great. Focus actually works very well for me with Sigma Art lenses, but it isn't something I would really try to ue for complicated focus pulling. It's more useful as a solid handle and way to navigate menus.
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