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    just checking out some options to help the project management. software that can help with schedules with calendars, project overviews, (where is your project/footage stored?) maybe even bookkeeping, or invoicing. right now we use so many different sofware packages to handle it all which are not connected to eachother in any way. it feel inefficient.

    i stumbled on software like studiobinder, studio cloud, airtable.. all very interesting.
    alot of features are overlapping. studio binder has some really in-depth tools to create callsheets and stuff, studiocloud has a lot of similar features, and even seems to have an invoice system which is really interesting.
    frame IO looks interesting (we already use google drive for uploading video), but does it also have similar schedule-handling features? we can buy it all, but it would be nice to have some kind of all-in environment, maybe even with some kind of connection to our storage. if that makes sense.

    anyone with experience with for example studio cloud?
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    Everything you listed has different uses.

    Studiobinder is excellent for running a production. You can do script breakdowns, make callsheets, and create budgets. But it's not business software--you can't, say, generate an invoice or an arbitrary document. is used for multimedia review.

    My personal favorite is Airtable. It can be anything you want it to be with a little bit of time put in.
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    after digging some more into airtable it indeed sounds like a very flexible tool. wish i knew about this earlier.
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    ScheduAll and Farmers Wife come to mind
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