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  1. #1 Modifying NULL Lens Target for RED Epic/Scarlet 
    we have a AbelCine NULL Lens Target v1, that we want to modify for the RED Epic/Scarlet PL mount.

    AbelCine does not perform this modification any longer.

    Anybody have recommendations where to get this done ?

    Thank you.
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    A competent lens tech or machinist should be able to help you out. You have to cut the two horizontal sides of the null lens so it fits into the throat of the RED. I had Abel do mine way back when they started doing the modification. Too bad they're not still doing the mod as I know there's still quite a few of these null lens setups out there. Although I think Abel is not offering any lens mods or services of this type anymore, not specifically a null lens issue. I would see if they can give you cut specifications....

    If you're in the USA, I would recommend Duclos Lenses or Focus Optics to do the mod for you.
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    thank you very much. I'm back in L.A. soon, I'll give these two places a ring.

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