Hi, I have a film that we did the final color on using Redcine. The color correction we did is extremely simple adjustments. I exported XML from Premiere and then imported that into Redcine and exported a 1080 pro res. It looks fantastic on Mac laptop and plasma television (using HDMI out from Mac mini)

We are now going to screen this movie in a theater that has an NEC 3240-S projector that is DCI spec. When we tried playing it yesterday using Mac mini HDMI out>Creston scaler> NEC projector, it all looked much more contrasty and redder or perhaps just more saturated, hard to tell but looked bad.

I'm hoping there is a very simple way to correct for this, using redcine hopefully, so I can just go back to my redcine project, change some settings on the export and have it look the way were used to seeing it. Any advice? We open in just a few days..

The final setup in the theater for our screenings will be new Mac mini HDMI out>Crestron switcher/scaler>NEC 3240-S projector