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    I'm also very disappointed with the closing of the NYC RED store. I used it regularly as a place to ship cameras and accessories to and from LA for upgrades, repairs etc. It was also nice to have a place to test out accessories and speak directly in person with red employees. I really hope RED reconsiders and opens up another store in New York.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Grimm View Post
    That is a total bummer, and troubling to see. I am sure there are some big changes going on at RED. Brent, RED Stores closing.. A few professional RED shooters I know here were really turned off by the massive price drop last year, Myself included. It felt like RED just wanted to get a camera in every skateboard kid hands.. and that same demographic are the ones who turned and went crazy over Jinimag.. you got to be careful who you want lifting up your company.. There is no way I will invest what I have in the past in RED after that price cut. It was a last straw for myself and many other professionals here in the city.
    Well said Brad. Totally agree. RED needs to be careful who it markets itself to. Let the skateboard kids have their plastic toy cameras.
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    Wow as a skateboard kid who is almost grown up I still think the kids shooting skate vids are some of the most creative and inspiring filmakers out there. Whatever camera they use...
    Mike McEntire
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    Oceanside, CA
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    If your business relies upon being able to purchase a more expensive camera than others than you aren't as talented as you think you are..
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhake View Post
    If your business relies upon being able to purchase a more expensive camera than others than you aren't as talented as you think you are..
    Who mentioned talent? We were discussing RED Cameras from an investment , service, convince perspective. If you want to talk about talent, I would be very happy to have that discussion.. in another thread.

    Mike, I never said Skateboard kids aren't creative, in fact there are a lot of creative kids in the world. My argument is that if that's who RED wants to cater too, That's totally fine. Its just not in alignment with my needs as a working professional.
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