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    Bump - I received a PM from another reduser who is also in a similar position. Their lenses are in Van Diemen's possession for 18 months.

    Furthermore, there has been no communication from Van Diemen in over a month! We have limited options, and either will cost money:

    1. One of us have to fly to UK to confront Van Diemen.
    2. Hire an attorney.

    We have lost 2 seasons of filming revenues because of this!!!
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    Bump - There is no response from Van Diemen in 2 months now! Interestingly, another Reduser who was considering Van Diemen for servicing contacted me and said Christopher has promptly been responding to his/her emails.

    Van Diemen is costing us heavy losses by refusing to return our lens. Our lens set is useless without the 35mm. But it seems Van Diemen does not care!
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    I'm not entirely certain, but it would appear a recently rehoused set of K35s have shipped to the US recently from them. But that took two years to complete.
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    Sometimes the threat of legal action is sufficiently effective. Personally I would get an attorney to write a demand letter. No way would I wait 2 years unless the lenses are of nominal value. Just my 2 cents.

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    Another one

    I also have similar experience with VD 4-5 years ago. I mean my first Iscorama rehouse went fine although it took a bit longer than expected. But the second one took about 4 years and gone forever. He said he shipped me the lens but somehow his wife accidentally shipped it without insurance, or any tracking information...
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    It seems it is Van Diemen's practice to provide misleading information to get clients. If Christopher was honest about the timeline, we would have never sent the lenses, but I guess that must be their tactic....quite unprofessional and unethical to take someone's money and (more importantly) their source of income and hold it hostage like this.

    Sadly, we have been informed that Christopher at Van Diemen is promptly replying to others who wish to service their lenses from them. They just refuse to answer us, I guess in retaliation.

    We paid them 50% upfront as Van Diemen stipulated. What was odd that a reputable company like Van Diemen would demand we pay them Paypal fees! Credit card and Paypal fees are part of doing business. I think it is against credit card company's policy to accept credit card payment but make the client pay for the fees.

    In the past, we have sent lenses to East Europe for servicing, which seems risky. But we always had a positive experience. This time, we decided to use Van Diemen due to their 'friendly' location. Little did we know.....

    We are moving forward with litigation and we will continue our online efforts to bring this to people's attention.

    Shame on Van Diemen for this. I find this to be very cruel of them to hold our property hostage and using the distance as leverage.
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    Update: Van Diemen states the lens is ready but REFUSES TO accept Paypal or credit card!!! They accepted Paypal for deposit but now are adamant on wire transfer only!!

    After 2 years of lies and excuses, Van Diemen has lost its creditability!

    Furthermore, they want to charge for a lens they NEVER serviced (see before and after pictures attached).

    These pictures were sent to them the same day the lens was received after so-called full servicing. They REFUSE to accept that the lens was NOT serviced, and still want to charge for it!!!

    This is the worst customer service experience!!
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    Update: 2 more months and no response from Van Diemen. They are refusing to return our lens and trying to charge for service they did not perform. Another Reduser has PM me about the same HELL Van Diemen is putting them through.
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    I checked their twitter account, they seem happy

    I wish we can do something about this.
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