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    So I have been Doing this Paramount film for 4 months on DXL2 and Primo 70s. We happen to have 5 days of Motion Control work with Spydercam coming up. All of a sudden it seems that the encoded Libra Mini remote head cannot support the weight of the DXL2 and Primo 70s.

    I happen to have my Monster and Sigma primes in my hotel room so that will work great. I always love the fact that the small form factor of the RED universe allows us to build small or build bog (DXL2 or Ranger)

    Thank you Jim, Brent, Jarred et al for keeping the small form factor for just such times.



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    Sorry about the typos:

    I am "DPing" the Paramount film

    And it is not my "monster" but my "Monstro"

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    Heh. I'm telling ya, modular is more flexible. Bigger one bangers are great for ripping out of a case on a day to day basis. But PV keeps regular DSMC2 brains around for exactly this reason.

    Glad you got the shot.
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