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  1. #1 Best tripod for an Alexa mini or a DMSC2? 
    Looking at the oíconnor 2065 or maybe the cartoni maxima.
    Also maybe like the 1030DS which can hold more than the 1030D which holds only 30pounds. The oíconnor 1030DS can hold somewhere in the 40ís but the trade off is it can only tilt 60 degrees instead of 90. Donít know how much this is because Iím not good at processing degrees I guess.

    Any other lighter really well built options? (The two Iím talking about weigh 23 pounds)

    If it was between the 2065 and the maxima what would you choose?
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    I own both the 2065 and 1030D. I use the 1030D when I need to be a bit more mobile, but I 100% prefer the 2065. It's very literally my favorite head on the market and I'll probably be using it for the next decade or two.

    The pros of the 1030D for me is it's 100mm and you can use a fair bit of cheaper lighter weight legs, though I just dropped coin on the Flowtec, things like the 536 Manfrotto help me get the camera way up high if I need it without reinventing the wheel.
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    If you are looking for a lighter weight / high payload head in 150mm ball, I would recommend the Sachtler Cine 30 HD. Under 15lbs, payload of 77lbs, very smooth and takes the same sliding top plate / Arri dovetail as the OConnor. The newer OConnor 2560 is also in the same spec range.
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    I 2nd the Sachtler Cine 30 as well. I have one in addition to the O'Connor 1030, which is great for run and gun but a little too lightweight when working with a heavyish camera payload or a long lens. But if you have that Oconnor 2560 money that name brand will rent a little bit more if you want to make any money renting out to third parties.

    But the Sachtler has very similar specs, and will be cheaper.
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    If you want a very capable, but lighter set-up, may I suggest my "everyday" set-up: a Vinten 100 head with Flowtech 100 legs. The head is capable of a max payload of 44lbs. I shoot a variety of things including a lot of sports where I'm using my P2 VariCam with 22x ENG lens with 2x extender, which at the top end, equates to shooting with an 820mm+ lens on s35.

    It's definitely not a 2065, but it's more capable and versatile than a 1030 or 1030DS, since the 1030 can't handle very heavy payloads and the DS can't tilt beyond 60 degrees either way.

    Between the 2065 and the Cartoni, I'd go 2065(a few sitting on eBay, right now). I haven't touched one of the Maxima heads, but when I've demo'd some of the newer "small" Cartoni heads, they didn't feel nearly as good as their old stuff. And I know how the larger O'connor's(2560, 2575) feel.
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