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  1. #1 GROUP BUY - CoreSWX HYPERCORE Mini and Slim Batteries 
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    Group Buy Ends August 23rd at Midnight PST

    Hi Everyone,
    So after the last awesome Hypercore mini group buy CoreSWX informed me that they won’t
    be doing anymore group buys here unfortunately.
    But I was getting quite a few messages asking for another GB from REDsers. So CoreSWX
    agreed to ONE LAST GROUP BUY HERE!
    This is it! Don’t Miss out!

    For this Group Buy, CoreSWX has a limited supply of Hypercore 9 Mini’s and Hypercore Slim 98’s
    available and we have put together an even better deal than before and raised the discount tiers!
    This is a first come first serve Group Buy, so get in early!

    I’m sure most of you already know how awesome their
    batteries are and how much I love them.
    They are the only brand I use now.

    For you those of you new to the scene. Check out my experience with them below.

    I have been using CoreSWX batteries since 2012...and that Powerbase 70 is still going strong!
    These batteries are built to last. The rubberized case offers a ton of protection when your AC accidentally
    drops one onto the floor.
    My HC9 Mini’s have traveled the world with me and consistently powered my rig for hours on end.

    The built in PTap and USB are standard on all their batteries.
    Life Hack: Bring one of your HC9 mini’s on a family vacation.
    One Battery will power phones and Bluetooth speakers for most of the trip on a single charge!

    I chose CoreSWX after years of trial and error with many other brands.
    Some other brands had dodgy PTap ports, lacked a USB port, didn’t seat properly on the camera
    or had power failures, contained cheap cells that didn’t last longer than a year
    and had the worst customer service ever.

    CoreSWX customer service is one of the best in the industry
    and they take the feedback from users to constantly improve their product line
    to suit OUR needs.

    The Hypercore series come with an LED backlit runtime LCD
    on the front of the battery pack that lets users know how much battery time is left when in use and also indicates
    remaining charge time while connected to a charger. This allows users to plan their shoots down to the minute.
    The RED-specific version can communicate directly with a RED camera’s LCD/VF.

    The Hypercore series battery cells are encased in an over-molded, rubberized housing,
    providing additional protection against accidental impacts that may occur when operating in rugged conditions.
    Like several other Hypercore batteries, the Mini and the Slim are safe and legal for air travel.

    The HC9 Mini batteries are charger agnostic and can be used with non-CoreSwx Branded chargers.

    The HCM-9AG (Gold Mount)Batteries will work on RED’s new Gold Battery Module PRO
    (Anton Bauer Cine Batteries will not mount on this module)

    The HCM-9AG (Gold Mount)Batteries can be charged on Anton Bauer branded chargers.

    Hypercore 9 Mini
    Capacity: 98Wh(14.8v, 6.6Ah)
    Size: 3.54” x 4.65” x 1.90”
    Weight: 1.4lbs.
    Normal Runtime: Powers a RED DSMC2 for up to 1 Hour and 40 Mins
    (Current users are reporting up to 2 Hour runtime)

    Max Continuous Load: 12A
    1x D-Tap
    1x USB
    Travel Safe

    Hypercore Slim 98
    Capacity: 98Wh(14.8v, 6.6Ah)
    Size: 3.8” x 5.87” x 1.49”
    Weight: 1.4lbs.
    Normal Runtime: (25w) 3.6 Hours
    Max Continuous Load: 12A
    1x D-Tap
    1x USB
    Travel Safe


    What’s batteries are part of the Group Buy?
    Hypercore 9 Mini's 98Wh Battery MSRP - $325

    Hypercore Slim 98's 98Wh Battery MSRP - $325

    Hypercore 9 Mini's can be ordered in:
    RED V-Mount = 9R
    Gold Mount = 9AG
    Standard V-Mount = 9S

    *Please note battery abbreviation above for when you place your order*

    Hypercore Slim 98's can be ordered in:
    Gold Mount = 98AG
    Standard V-Mount = 98S

    *Please note battery abbreviation above for when you place your order*

    Group Buy Discount Tiers
    Tier 1 - 5 batteries ordered = 15% discount ($318.75/battery)
    Tier 2 - 10 batteries ordered = 20% discount ($300/battery)
    Tier 3 - 20 batteries ordered = 25% discount ($281/battery)

    (pricing based on achieved tier)
    - Tier 1: $1200 ($300/battery)
    - Tier 2: $1125 ($281.25/battery)
    - Tier 3: $900 ($225/battery...Crazy good deal!)

    *Only Hypercore Mini and Hypercore Slim batteries ordered will count toward the Group Buy total*

    The total quantity of batteries ordered will apply to achieving the discount tiers.
    For example, if 4 people each order a 4 pack (16 batteries), T3 will be unlocked
    ($281 for a single battery and $900 for a 4 pack).

    Payment, Shipping & Sales tax
    - A paypal invoice will be sent out at the conclusion of the
    GB to accept payments via PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD
    - You will have 2 weeks from the Group Buy close date to pay for your order
    - Paypal and Credit Cards will be accepted
    - FREE GROUND SHIPPING within the Continental 48 (excluding Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico)
    - International shipping rates will be calculated at time of payment
    - Sales Tax will be collected for NY and CA orders
    - Limited Batteries are In Stock and will ship once payment is received at the end of the Group Buy!

    Warranty Info
    CoreSWX backs their products with one of the best warranties in the industry
    -Hypercore series batteries come with a 2 year Warranty
    -All Chargers come with a 3 year Warranty
    CoreSWX products are Designed and Assembled in the USA with Cells from Panasonic

    How do I join the Group Buy?

    Please make a post below stating how many batteries you want
    using the specific code for your battery choice

    Example: 4x 9R = 4x Hypercore 9 Mini RED V-Mount
    Example:2x 98AG =2x Hypercore Slim 98 Gold Mount

    Add-on Items
    *At the close of the Group Buy, anyone with an order listed below,
    will be able to add-on ANY other items they wish from
    at a max discount of 20%
    The ‘EVO’ line will also be included as an add-on at a max discount of 15%.

    Upon receiving your invoice, please contact our CoreSWX salesperson (Zack Shannon) to add what you'd like.
    These add-on items will NOT count towards our Group Buy total.
    Hypercore 9 Mini and Hypercore Slim 98 batteries will only be counted toward the total**

    The entire CoreSWX Catalogue can be viewed here

    Group Buy Ends August 23rd at Midnight PST
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    1.Greg M - 4x 98S + 4x Helix XL VMT
    2.Cameron Currier - 4x 9R
    3.Ivan Verlaan - 4x 9S
    4.Eric Emerick - 4x 9R
    5.Domenic Barbero - 4x 9S
    6.Brian Jouan - 4x 9R
    7.Scott Selman - 2x 98S + PRIME 190Wh
    8. Brandon Baudier - 4x 9S + FLEET Q4S
    9.Tanner Wilson - 2x 98S
    10. Aaron Proctor - 4x 9S
    11. Jon Houde - 4x 9S
    12. Andrew Agcaoili - 8x 9AG
    13. Ryan Dent - 2x 9AG
    14. Robert Machado - 4x 9AG + FLEET-Q4A1
    15. Octave Zangs - 4x 9AG
    16. Jeremy Torrie - 4x 9R
    17. Mark Eberle - 4x 98S
    18. David Kiang - 4x 9R
    19. Grayson Grant Austin - 4x 98S
    20. Mike Maekelburger - 6x 9R
    21. Justin Chin - 4x 98S
    22. Neil Dearman - 8x 9AG
    23. Shawn P - 4x 9R + 2x HCXL-V
    24. Michael Male - 4x 9S
    25. Nick Mykola Kovalenko - 4x 9AG
    26. Ben R - 4x 9AG
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    4Pack- Hypercore Slim 98

    + I need to order 4X HELIX XL V-Mt


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    RED CF Weapon 8K S35 Helium
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    Put me down for a 4 pack of the HCM-9R's, please.

    Thank you so much for arranging this. I've been waiting for this to happen again!
    Epic-X Dragon #8014
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    Please put me down for at least a 4-pack of Mini 9S... Possibly two 4-packs, but I'll need to check with my partner first.

    Thanks Cameron and CoreSWX for doing this again!
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    I'd like 1x of the Four Pack HCM-9R's, thanks.
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    For anyone on the fence - these batteries, and this pricing, are AMAZING. I purchased some on the first group buy, and then bought more on the second GB... Amazing batteries and chargers...
    Los Angeles | | Helium 8K S35 #6284 | Helium 8K S35 #4573 | @dcchavez
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    4 pack of the hcm9s please

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    tokina 11-16 PL
    Cooke 18-100
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    Please count me in for an HCM 9R 4 pack. Thanks!
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