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Its Alive! Absolutely sun damage should not be moving and that perfect circle is unusual. When my EVF was burnt you could see with a magnifying glass at certain angles the smooth surface of the OLED was rippled/melted from the heat. That may help verify if it is a burn but there may be some kinda different voodoo going on here. Does it move to a different place when on your different cameras? If it stays mainly in the information area you can probably just ignore it and if you do upgrade to the DSMC2 EVF you will be very happy.
Tom, I've tried it on two cameras, monsto and gemini, it's in the info area on both having moved lower in the viewing area since I first saw it. It's my second EVF as I've replaced one EVF with the new DSMC2 EVF, and yes, I do love it! Since Red won't work on it, I have no choice but to live with it or sell it cheap.