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    I'm a rather rare breed. REDuser but also Enterprise technical with Mac.

    In MY Humble Opinion, Mac OS 10.4 Mojave or later is NOT ready for PRIME time with regards to production.

    I have seen 4 workstations with the APFS system get totally messed up and TURTLE SLOW.

    Only a clean install could fix them. I'm on 10.13.6 with HFS+ and will not move to anything APFS until Diskawarrior 6 is released. I advise same for any other Mac user.

    "Steve Job's rolling in grave"
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    Any idea what's causing the issues? I've been on 10.14 since it was released and haven't had problems, aside from "purgeable space" being extremely annoying at times.
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    APFS is a brand new file system and it is definitely work in progress. There were number of reports of serious issues arising from usage of APFS. So, I am not using it, even though I'm on Mojave. Apple allowed installation of High Sierra on HFS+, but with Mojave they automatically convert your existing HFS+ into APFS without even asking. So, I installed Mojave on APFS and then used CCC to copy it to my OS formatted as HFS+drive. No issues whatsoever...
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