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  1. #1 Gemini Rolling Shutter Test? 
    Does anyone know the ms of the rolling shutter of the Gemini sensor or any in depth testing of the Gemini?
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    1,753 is going to do it in the near future.

    They started with the UMP G2
    Full sensor readout 4608 x 2592 ~ 4.6k 7.7 ms.
    Cropped sensor 3840 x 2160 ~ UHD 6.45 ms.
    Cropped sensor 1920 x 1080 ~ Full-HD 3.14 ms.

    More to follow in the near future.
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    Feels like on of the better CMOS sensors. I was oping hand help and panning with some vertical lines and had to whip pan before noticing any skew. Feels a bit like the MX. The nice thing is, that rolling shutter should improve in 4K, and that is s35 anyway. So, if i were to do a scene which required very fast moves, id crop in, since morion blur will reduce any advantages of the extra resolution, and work with a little faster rolling shutter. But the performance in 5K is still good, and i dont see myself worrying about it for most things.
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