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  1. #1 Epic-w (used) or Gemini (new)? 
    I'm selling my Scarlet-w, and i found a good Epic-w with 100 hours for a good price, but what you think about the Gemini? Epic-w has 50fps only around 6k, with horrible crop factor!
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    Unless your clients are asking for 8K deliverables, I'd say go with the Gemini. I was facing the same question and I went with the Gemini and couldn't be happier.

    - Jan
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    Gemini for sure!
    Mike McEntire
    Mack Dawg Productions
    Oceanside, CA
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    good, thanks guys!
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    I owned an Epic-W and now have a Gemini. I'm very happy with the Gemini. 96fps at full-frame is great. Shooting at ISO 3200 and higher is fantastic. I miss 8K for "future-proofing" and the ability to zoom in on shots a bit more. You honestly can't go wrong with either camera, but with Epic-W anything above ISO 1600 is not great.
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    I owned the Epic-W for awhile, loved it, but would have chosen the Gemini for sure if it was available at the time or if I had to to do it over again. 8K is overkill for 99% of work. But 5K or 4K with minimal crop factor with R3D is amazing. And low light is HUGE.
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