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    Dual ISO? That would blow my socks off.
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    I guess there can be as many different preferences when it comes to the UI as there are users in here.
    So, this could potentially open the market for skins as a fellow REDuser mentioned before, or even for a customisable UI even... (sure, no pressure Matt!)

    For myself, as I am known to use RED Cameras, Canon DSLRs and Mamiya Medium Format on the same day on the same project, I find the Komodo UI very much to my liking and I feel I can easily get used to it.

    It helps distinguish Komodo as its own little beast.
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    Personally, I’m not bothered by the UI. It seems functional and easy enough to navigate. I would prefer that time be spent on color science and stability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han Vogen View Post
    ...I would prefer that time be spent on color science and stability.
    Different departments, all working at full steam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregory Karydis View Post
    Different departments, all working at full steam.
    There will almost certainly be overlap. The folks designing the look of the UI are probably not the people that will be implementing that designs into the logic. And those engineers could be working on bugs and features.

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    I like the interface concept in that it scrolls across choices, reminds me of the function of an iPhone, rather than popping up with a bunch of discrete choices. Actually, I hope that this interface carries over to my Helium cameras.
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    That screen looks refreshing, an UI overhaul for our DSMC2 cameras too please.. Firmware 8.0!
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    I'm wondering if there's a way to trigger an external sound recorder (like say, a Zoom F6) with the Komodo.
    I usually work alone with several microphones, so I need more than two tracks!

    Also, does anybody sees a way to plug and power a viewfinder on this beauty?
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    can we have 8 of them and then do the first ever 4k multicam with reds ? pritty please ? (already doing the HD livestreams + 6-8K internal multicams with them but this is gonna up our game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antony Newman View Post
    My suggestion that FPS and Shutter are related and should be grouped together is because they need to be set in lock step.
    They do not need to be set in locked step.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antony Newman View Post
    This (vertical menu) requires HALF the amount of finger movement to alter data values, and also displays TWICE as many options to the user in one time.
    Which seems like a desirable option when one thinks like an engineer. Not when one thinks like a designer aiming to avoid smartphone time/alarm associations and fiddly crammed menus.
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