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    This is all looking extremely cool. Global shutter - for real or a really fast read out speed? I'd always understood that GS is a trade off between dynamic range - so maybe that's why it is a setting (otherwise there's no reason not to have it on all the time, why would anyone actually want rolling?)

    There are so many situations where clamping a camera to something can't be done because of RS.

    Very much looking forward to this...

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    Variable frame rate to capture “handcrank” looking images would be awesome. Don’t think there is a digital cam that does that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han Vogen View Post
    Well, if the image quality is substandard why not just use a GoPro? I think the whole point is to have a smaller camera that matches perfectly with footage from its larger siblings. Apparently Komodo already lacks high frame rates. It’s likely it will also lack the expansion options of the larger models.
    I get what your point is, but there’s a huge gulf between “not the same image quality of other REDs”, and “substandard image quality comparable to a gopro”. Most cameras that exist don’t have the image quality of a RED, which is why I bought one.

    So if this thing can do 6k with a global shutter and AF for (presumably) half the price of Dragon X, it seems like the Komodo is clearly a better buy in a lot of ways for a lot of people. I’m assuming there will be a major downside to the cameras that are intended to be A cameras, but not sure yet.

    Can’t remember and it’s been a lot of pages: is Komodo confirmed to have an s35 sensor size?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Speaking of... Remember Raven was originally intended to be a drone camera. Hence the name, and the built in mount to save weight and keep the cost as low as possible. High end productions used Ravens as they were supposed to, as well as crash cameras and D,E,F,G cameras etc, but Raven very quickly also became an awesome A camera for indies, mostly because of the price point and the incredible images from it. I know komodo will likely follow the same path... I'm just telling you from a lineup perspective what the intention is, so people have reasonable expectations.

    Komodo has advantages over our other cameras, price, size, weight, things the sensor does, etc. but it's also limited compared to our other cameras in things like frame rates, inputs and outputs, modularity, etc.
    I get the lineup point of view, but I still think of Komodo as its own camera. If we compare it to the sense of a complete camera like the Ranger series and a modular system like the DSMC 1 and 2, it's still very much its own thing, aimed at being small in scale. What I mean is, if we just settle Komodo as its own thing, we open up for a new lineup of small Red cameras, with improvements in the future, side-gear, trade-in upgrades, etc. Its easier to sell a camera that's aimed to be its own kind of camera, while on the business side of owners, there's no confusion among clients when telling them the camera used will be a Komodo. Bottom line is that I think the notion of branding Komodo as an auxiliary or complementary camera is more hurting than just underlining that it is its own thing from the get-go, just like Raven has become.

    This camera will be the go-to option for many indie filmmakers, small production companies and even high-end youtube channels who also do live broadcasts, I don't think you need to speculate much on that. I think it will be even more people who use it like that than there are productions using it as gimbal and crash cams.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    You should be good then. Pretty safe to say after beating on the stormtrooper all day today you can expect full sensor 6k 40fps, 6k WS @ 50fps. Which means 4k @60fps shouldn't be a problem, but I have not actually tested that yet. And yes, that's all in global shutter mode.
    Good to finally hear word on this but it also calls for more questions; when you say "expect" 6K 40fps, does that mean there's a chance it might get increased? And when you say "global shutter mode", does that imply as I speculated before, there to be a rolling shutter and global shutter mode? If so, could we get more fps out of the camera if we go into rolling shutter mode? If we want a slight push to 6K 50 fps at FF?
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    Will RF mount allow with adapter any Pl lenses ? Sometimes there are some play with adapters as PL lenses are heavy and what about back focus ? Or it will be "professional" PL version of KOMODO ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahnon Bennett View Post

    Can’t remember and it’s been a lot of pages: is Komodo confirmed to have an s35 sensor size?
    S35 or more is the current consensus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Stolpakov View Post
    Will RF mount allow with adapter any Pl lenses ? Sometimes there are some play with adapters as PL lenses are heavy and what about back focus ? Or it will be "professional" PL version of KOMODO ?
    Good adapters are usually easy to shim. And good PL adapters likely also come with rod mounts allowing the lens, dowtail etc attach to the adapter and not put weight on the actual camera.

    So if you would use a big Optimo zoom or such then the camera could just mount more or less a lens cap in the rear of the lens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    yeah sorry crappy BW filter on my phone... The display is full color. That said the the UI ( at least the part showing in that image) is all pretty much monochrome minus some red outlines around the selections. It obviously gets really colorful when you get the exposure tools and general main screen etc, and of course when you have the actual viewing feed on there.
    Not having to have another monitor on there for framing up and a 4k feed out is everything for me with all these big comedy specials i do now, especially for netflix, they hate seeing cameras and the art of concealing them rigged in truss or built into production design winds up being the biggest headaches, this week they are building camo for a sony venice! thank you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Lochert View Post
    While I love the bright color ideas (especially that Kodak yellow one), I would love to see Komodo available in some more muted, more military colors:


    Desert Tan:


    OD Green:

    And then of course to go with my Ti Hydrogen...

    And then this one's just for me:
    That's ridiculous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    Yeah, global shutter and full open shutter. Now I want to know about long exposure abilities. Due to form factor, this thing is dying to be mounted on a telescope.
    Global shutter makes this camera potentially very appealing for certain kinds of scientific filming.

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