From Peter Chamberlain....

We are pleased to announce the release of DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 public beta 7 and Fusion Studio 16 public beta 7. These are a no charge updates for all existing customers. You can download these updates from the Blackmagic Design support web site. ... and-fusion

This version of DaVinci Resolve improves playback performance on the edit and cut pages when using DeckLink and UltraStudio capture and playback devices, makes multicam angle syncing via audio waveform more reliable and improves the behavior of grabbing stills and working with color qualifiers on clips that have OpenFX or ResolveFX. In addition, this release also adds support for decoding embedded AIFF content in AAF timelines, now recognizes the correct order of channels in AAC and QuickTime clips, and renders IMF packages with the correct audio metadata.

DaVinci Resolve Beta 7 details

- Improved support for importing AAF timelines with support for decoding embedded AIFF content
- Addressed an issue where dragging a clip from the media pool would sometimes not work in Linux systems
- Addressed an issue where syncing multicam angles using sound would sometimes not work correctly
- Addressed an issue with slow playback on the Edit and Cut pages in some instances when monitoring with Blackmagic Design playback devices
- Addressed an issue where editing OpenFX keyframes in the Edit timeline would sometimes cause a crash
- Addressed an issue where Fusion titles and generators would sometimes be initialized incorrectly in Fusion page
- Addressed an issue where enabling overlays for the Paint tool would not work correctly in the Fusion viewer
- Addressed an issue where previewing a Wand or a Ranges tool with mask input would cause a crash
- Addressed an issue where changing the histogram type in the Color Corrector node in the Fusion page would cause the application to hang
- Addressed an issue where grabbing a still in the Color page would fail for clips with certain third party OpenFX plugins
- Addressed an issue where the color qualifier would not work correctly for clips with certain OpenFX, ResolveFX or Fusion effects applied
- Addressed an issue where some AAC clips with 5.1 audio would be imported as multi-mono
- Addressed an issue where rendered QuickTime clips would show incorrect order of channels for 7.1 and 7.1 Film
- Addressed an issue where rendered IMF packages would have incorrect audio metadata for stereo, 5.1 and other audio formats
- Addressed an issue where rendering clips with speed changes to certain QuickTime formats would sometimes generate a corrupt file
- General performance and stability improvements

The Fusion Studio 16 Public Beta 7 improves the reliability of paint tool overlays in the viewer and addresses general application stability when opening large projects, previewing wand or range tools with mask inputs, and when changing the histogram type in the color corrector node.